Your role in research

Research plays a critical role in expanding scientists’ knowledge about the causes of and treatments for many diseases, including depression.  The contributions of clinical research to the medical care available today cannot be overstated. Every person who has ever taken a prescribed or over-the-counter medication, used a medical device, or undergone a surgical procedure owes a debt to those who volunteered to participate in clinical research studies. 

Clinical research has made it possible for us to better understand the causes of depression, and has paved the way for every pharmaceutical breakthrough we rely upon today to help patients manage the symptoms of the disease. Research is helping to answer questions about the biological and psychological changes that may make some people more likely to experience depression. Research is also pointing the way to better methods of minimizing the impact of symptoms and the frequency and duration of recurrence.

Because research is so important, this section of the website is designed to give you a better understanding about what is involved in research, and to help you judge for yourself whether or not you should think about participating in a clinical trial.  Specific information about depression-related research being conducted at the University of Michigan is also included for your reference, in the event that you might be able to participate in a study through U-M. 

About Clinical Research

About Depression Research at the University of Michigan