Specific Phobia

What is Specific Phobia?

Specific phobia refers to a fear of specific objects (such as snakes or spiders) or situations (such as heights, closed spaces or crowds), and the severe distress experienced when encountering the feared object or situation.

What are the symptoms of Specific Phobia?

The primary symptom of phobia is avoidance.  Individuals may not realize the lengths to which they go in order to avoid the subject of their fear, or the limitations their actions place on daily living.  For example, a fear of blood or needles is quite common, and may keep a person from visiting a doctor, even in an emergency.

Could you be suffering from a Specific Phobia?

It’s best to work with a trained healthcare professional to determine whether or not what you are experiencing is a Specific Phobia. Together, you can discuss whether you are especially afraid of specific things such as flying, seeing blood, heights, closed places, certain kinds of insects or animals, etc.

How are specific phobias treated?

People suffering from specific phobias may be reluctant to seek the treatment needed to “face their fears.”  However, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven to be a simple, quick, and highly effective treatment.  To learn more about CBT, visit Know your treatment options.